Piper LOVES babies. Anytime we see  a baby she gets so excited and runs over to say hi. She has a special voice she uses when she’s talking to a baby and loves to ‘help’ by rocking the carseat or putting a pacifier in their mouth. She does get a little upset when she’s not allowed to just pick them up and walk away though.


At home she’s always carrying around a doll (or stuffed animal) and will pat it’s back and rock side to side.


She takes such good care of all of her little ‘babies’ I’m so excited to see how she’ll do when we have a real one soon. I know she’s going to be obsessed – poor guy is going to need lots of protection from his big sister’s love.


(I made that outfit – cute right?!)

My BIG Girl

Piper also has a bit of a ‘big kid’ complex. She WILL NOT eat anything that’s cut up in little pieces. It’s like she’s insulted that we treat her like a baby. When she does eat she holds a fork in one hand, even if she’s using the other hand to eat, because that’s what grown ups do. This particular apple she climbed up on the table and helped herself to.

She’s obsessed with toothbrushes. We can’t brush our teeth when she’s around because she’ll have a complete meltdown if we don’t hand over the toothbrush (and not just one – she needs them all) We finally had to buy extras to keep hidden since ours were getting carried all over the house (YUK).


When we go to the park she will always go down the biggest slide there is – no fear. She’ll run around after the big kids like she’s one of them (but luckily doesn’t realize that they aren’t playing with her)

She gives the best hugs and open mouth slobber kisses

She climbs on everything. We finally shelled out $200 for a nice gate to go around the TV and speakers area. She likes to climb from the couch to the desk and stand up. I’ve given up on trying to keep her off the dining room table. It seems like every day she’s on top of something else.


(notice the bite size pieces of pizza on the tray – she wouldn’t even touch those!)

And here are some other pictures from my phone… they pretty much sum up what we do everyday.


    3 Responses

  • Susan says...

    She’s a doll (good luck w/ the climbing)!! And Ivy, that outfit is precious…love that!!

  • Lynetta says...

    She is gorgeous Ivy! And I love the outfit you made. Too cute!

  • gwen says...

    She’s just got things to get in high places….what’s a girl to do?? (and you did the SAME thing…found you on top of the fridge once, so get ready) And it is UNCANNY how much she looks like you, really just a carbon-copy! Love you both!!!! Mom/Nana