We blessed Rhett in church last Sunday July 18 while my dad was in town. Here’s the whole cute family! Rhett wore his daddy’s old blessing outfit – it was so excited to have that and it fit perfectly!


Rhett, of course, was a perfect little angel during the blessing (Piper is another story altogether, she really thought she should be part of the circle) and didn’t complain at all about being passed around for the remainder of sacrament meeting.

Calder gave him a beautiful blessing. He blessed him that he will exercise wisdom in making necessary choices, that his parents will teach and aid him in developing strength and courage, that he will know right from wrong and recognize light from darkness. He was blessed that we will overcome challenges, excel in school and accomplish all of his righteous desires. And my favorite part, that he will be an example to his older sister and siblings yet to come.



Rhett and his grandpas. I love his arms here!



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  • gwen says...

    Love him!!! He is getting so big!! Great pics.