23 3/4” long (70%)

15 1/4” head circumference (11%)

13.7 lbs (77%)





Rhett is three months already, as still SUCH a different personality than his big sister. It’s crazy to me how someone so small could already be someone.

15.8 lbs.

Goes to sleep around 7 and wakes up in the morning around 7. He usually wakes up once during the night to eat, sometimes twice. Sometimes not at all. He still usually sleeps in his swing but I’m starting to put him in his crib more.

His naps are really random (and that’s my fault) because he’s so adaptable and just sleeps when he needs to sleep. I can say one thing though – this boy LOVES to sleep. When he gets fussy I can just put him in his swing with his blanket and he goes right to sleep. He does usually take a long nap when Piper sleeps (from like 1-3) and sometimes a short morning nap and sometimes a short evening nap. Like I said, he LOVES his sleep.

Right around two months he started sucking his thumb. It’s adorable and makes him so happy and I love it. Maybe I’ll regret saying that in five or six years but it is so nice that he can self-sooth that way.

He is such a sweetie and is thrilled just to have his basic needs met. Seriously, all you have to do is change his diaper and he acts like he just won the lottery. Really only cries when he’s tired or hungry and smiles the rest of the time.

He does hate to have a poopy diaper. I don’t remember Piper ever really being bothered by dirty diapers.

He cooos and laughs.

He LOVES watching football. Is more interested in football than Piper’s cartoons. Really.

He’s discovered is feet and is always kicking and staring intently at his toes.

He doesn’t mind tummy time and although he can roll over (he’s done it twice) he really has no desire to.

LOVES his sister, they are such best friends already. She always wants him to be close by when she’s playing.