Luckily two year olds don’t know much about birthdays, so she wasn’t disappointed at all about not getting any presents. Since we weren’t at home and she was spoiled rotten for Christmas we just did cake and ice cream and balloons.

(Also I don’t know how to make cakes, it crumbled completely – and it was a box mix!)

Piper was thrilled with all the attention and was happy to wear the fancy party hat her Nana made for her. DSC_0242DSC_0249



Getting a lesson on blowing out candles.


So good at sharing!

Some things about Piper at two:

  • She is scared of nothing (except the episode of Dora the Explorer where the little fish is jumping in the clams)
  • She loves Dora the Explorer and Curious George
  • She doesn’t talk much – but says all the important words like juce, no, and daddy
  • She is great at bedtime, two stories, a drink of water and she climbs in bed for hugs and kisses. Never a complaint.
  • She’s done with naps.
  • She runs away – and never looks back. She funs fast and far and isn’t worried about it at all. (I have a necklace made for her with her name on the front and my phone number on the back that she wears when we go to busy places – just in case!)
  • Favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pizza, and bean and cheese burritos. Also blueberries.
  • Piper plays really well with other kids. She is really good at sharing and including everyone. Except some kids she just ignores. But usually she plays really well.

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  • Marie says...

    Oh wow. I just looked at your blog for the first time in a long time. So many cute photos. Glad you had a great time…and I cannot believe how big your kids are getting.