Oh. My. Gosh.

The flights themselves were fine. Here’s how it went…

Bahrain to Kuwait

wait 2 hours

Kuwait to DC

Go through customs, wait 5 hours

DC to Houston

Wait 6 hours

Houston to Lake Charles

NOT fun.

In each airport we spread a blanket on the floor and got out all our toys and snacks. We always had some other little kids come over and play with us and that was great – it made the time go by so much faster. Again Piper peed through all of the clothes we brought and ended up in my extra tshirt by the time we got home.

Rhett at one point was in only a diaper and I had to buy him a “Born in the USA” onesie to wear home. It was freezing so he was also wearing Piper’s jacket.

Yeah, we were a sight. (Picture to come – if I decide to share it)

Then a few days later there was that flight from Houston to Las Vegas where I had both kids by myself and neither one slept the whole time. That was fun too. Let me just say that I am so thankful for nice people who are so willing to help a stranger. I had people offer to carry Piper’s carseat on the plane, hold Rhett while I strapped it in, hold Rhett while I changed Piper’s diaper, carry the carseat back off the plane, and one guy even offered to carry it all the way to baggage claim if I needed. Thankfully Calder was able to come meet me at the gate and help me the rest of the way.

It was a wonderful vacation but I am so so so glad to be home and back on a normal schedule.

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