The water was a little colder this time so we didn’t get Rhett in – much to his disappointment. He really hasn’t tried much to crawl but he was doing all kinds of flapping his arms and lets trying to get to it (with no success obviously) Look how warm and sunny! After we swam for a while we went to the snack bar for icees and lunch.



One day (after Calder left) we invited some friends and took a bus to another Aramco compound that is on the beach. If we ever move to Saudi this is where I want to live! The weather was overcast and chilly but it was beautiful, green water and soft white sand. I could go everyday and never get tired of it. There was a playground close by and Piper thought that was a lot cooler than the beach (she had no interest at all in the water or getting her feet wet)


Another day I took the bus by myself to the same beach. I didn’t bring the camera with me because we were in a rush to get me to the bus. I brought a lawn chair and my Nook and read a book. I bought two frozen mint lemonades and it was pure bliss. Thanks mom for watching the kidlets!

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