I didn’t think I’d have much of a problem with jetlag since I’m used to being up all hours of the night with babies. We had appointments to get up first thing in the morning to get our IDs. Calder came home and went to sleep after his appointment and I went with my mom and kidlets to the Golf Course for lunch. Then we went to the park. We went pack and Calder was still asleep. The first few days were kind of a blur but thankfully my mom and planned our trip and we had activities scheduled for every day.


My mom had borrowed some fun toys from a little boy from church and we had a lot of fun playing in their backyard.


Our second day we relaxed and played outside all morning (Calder slept) and went out to Al-Khobar to go shopping at the souqs that night. I wore Whitney’s ababya since she wasn’t there yet, but bought my own while we were out. This was my favorite thing to do in Saudi was downtown Khobar.


And the souqs…

The Saudis don’t really like to have their picture taken so we don’t have many of us out but we did have fun playing in the Persian Rug shop. Five times a day they have ‘prayer call’ and all the stores have to close. Prayer call came while we were in this store and the shop keeper told us we could stay but ushered us to the back where we couldn’t be seen from the outside. He gave us bottles of water and Piper some orange juice while we waited, then he left (I guess to do his prayers).


Look at the piles of rugs (that cost tens of thousands of dollars each). In case you were wondering, we did NOT let Piper drink juice on top of them Smile

We had dinner at Phuket, a hole in the wall Thai place.


We also bought Rhett a Thobe and ghutra (spelling?) to have a little photo shoot.


One of the first few days we went to the fruit and vegetable market – SO FUN! We got all kinds of yummy fruit and vegetables to eat – and to make food for Rhett. I went with Calder and Pa-Pa into the fish market too – EW! Really the smelliest place I’ve ever been, I literally couldn’t breathe for a few seconds and there was fish blood all over the floor. Whole fish laid out and guys with big knives to chop them behind the counter. Not somewhere I’d want to hang out.

That night (I think) we went to schwarma night by the pool. YUMMY! (We were officially not vegetarian on vacation) A schwarma is kind of like a gyro, with chicken, white cream sauce, pickles, and hot sauce. I loved them and ate lots!

The next morning (my days were so mixed up at this point, since they have church on Friday) we went swimming! The big pool was a little chilly but the baby pool felt like a bath tub. So fun! After swimming we had lunch. Piper had an icee and Rhett had a nap on the ground.


And here’s some pictures of the next few days…


Rhett LOVED the exersaucer we borrowed and Piper loved ‘decorating’ the bottom of the Christmas tree and playing with Uncle Taylor’s phone. He kept finding it in the middle of an Angry Birds game.

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