One of the things we did while we were in Saudi was dig for sand roses. You’ve probably never heard of sand roses, I never had. Here’s the wikipedia article – here. It doesn’t say much and I still have no idea how they form, but they are like rocks, made out of sand, that you can dig and find. And they look like roses, kind of.



DSC_0034DSC_0045DSC_0048DSC_0058Here’s a picture of some of the ones Taylor dug up and Evan’s HUGE one!

We went with several friends to a traditional Arabic dinner, called Kapsa. The room was AWESOME and with kids, I wish every restaurant was like this Smile It was a big, bright, empty room with pillows around the sides. Perfect for running, playing, and building forts, which Piper and her new bff Jordan did a lot of.



When it was time to eat they came in with a big plastic tarp and taped it to the ground. DSC_0090DSC_0091DSC_0096


It was chicken and rice, soup, hummus YUM-O! And so fun to spread out an the floor and eat. We ate with forks but traditionally they eat with their hands. They each take a section of the big dish, ball us the rice in their hands and throw it in their mouth with a piece of chicken. This was another favorite from the trip.

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