23 3/4” long (70%)

15 1/4” head circumference (11%)

13.7 lbs (77%)





Rhett is three months already, as still SUCH a different personality than his big sister. It’s crazy to me how someone so small could already be someone.

15.8 lbs.

Goes to sleep around 7 and wakes up in the morning around 7. He usually wakes up once during the night to eat, sometimes twice. Sometimes not at all. He still usually sleeps in his swing but I’m starting to put him in his crib more.

His naps are really random (and that’s my fault) because he’s so adaptable and just sleeps when he needs to sleep. I can say one thing though – this boy LOVES to sleep. When he gets fussy I can just put him in his swing with his blanket and he goes right to sleep. He does usually take a long nap when Piper sleeps (from like 1-3) and sometimes a short morning nap and sometimes a short evening nap. Like I said, he LOVES his sleep.

Right around two months he started sucking his thumb. It’s adorable and makes him so happy and I love it. Maybe I’ll regret saying that in five or six years but it is so nice that he can self-sooth that way.

He is such a sweetie and is thrilled just to have his basic needs met. Seriously, all you have to do is change his diaper and he acts like he just won the lottery. Really only cries when he’s tired or hungry and smiles the rest of the time.

He does hate to have a poopy diaper. I don’t remember Piper ever really being bothered by dirty diapers.

He cooos and laughs.

He LOVES watching football. Is more interested in football than Piper’s cartoons. Really.

He’s discovered is feet and is always kicking and staring intently at his toes.

He doesn’t mind tummy time and although he can roll over (he’s done it twice) he really has no desire to.

LOVES his sister, they are such best friends already. She always wants him to be close by when she’s playing.



Rhett is 1 month old!! This month has gone by so fast. He’s such a sweet, calm little guy it feels like he’s been in our family forever and he is already such a calming influence on his big sister (THANK YOU!!)

Rhett usually wakes up around 7, eat and go back so sleep for another hour or so. He always goes to sleep at 11 and sleeps until 3ish, sometimes waking up for a snack in the middle. Then he’s up until 7:30ish. He’ll wake up to eat around 10 when we’re going to bed. He wakes up around 2 and around 5. Such a good baby! I can’t believe he’s only four weeks old and got himself on a little schedule already. Amazing!P1080479

Rhett eats a ton, especially lately. He hardly ever spits up (and just a tiny bit when he does). He takes a bottle fine. He likes to nurse on one side, take a short nap, then finish eating. He’s such a doll I let him do whatever he wants.


He was 8 lb 7 oz when he was born. At 3 days old he was 8 lb 2 oz and at 5 days he was 8 lb 7 oz again. At two week he was 9 lb 2 oz. Now he’s 11.2 lbs.

He is such a calm, sweet little guy. He will just lay and look around, doesn’t even need to be held all the time. He always seems so content with his little life (and has since the minute he was born). I’m so glad he’s not a complainer.

He smiles and it makes me melt every time. I don’t even mind getting up in the middle of the night because I know I’m going to get a big smile after he’s done eating.


This baby farts like a man.

The only time he cries is when he gets tired and just can’t seem to go to sleep. This is happening more and more as he gets older and is more bothered by the noise Piper is making.


We blessed Rhett in church last Sunday July 18 while my dad was in town. Here’s the whole cute family! Rhett wore his daddy’s old blessing outfit – it was so excited to have that and it fit perfectly!


Rhett, of course, was a perfect little angel during the blessing (Piper is another story altogether, she really thought she should be part of the circle) and didn’t complain at all about being passed around for the remainder of sacrament meeting.

Calder gave him a beautiful blessing. He blessed him that he will exercise wisdom in making necessary choices, that his parents will teach and aid him in developing strength and courage, that he will know right from wrong and recognize light from darkness. He was blessed that we will overcome challenges, excel in school and accomplish all of his righteous desires. And my favorite part, that he will be an example to his older sister and siblings yet to come.



Rhett and his grandpas. I love his arms here!



Piper was 18 months on June 30 so I thought it’s about time I do a post about what she’s been up to.

Piper weighs 26.5 lbs.


Words she can say:

  1. Hi and Hello (Hi-ya!)
  2. Uh-oh
  3. Go
  4. Daddy (Da or DaDa)
  5. Owww
  6. MMM Good
  7. EWW Yuk
  8. No
  9. Stop – while glaring and pointing her finger
  10. Don’t – while glaring and pointing her finger
  11. Jump
  12. Dora
  13. Nana

She is VERY friendly and waves/says hi to everyone we pass at the grocery store (or wherever). She also likes to get INCHES from Rhett’s face and SCREAM “HHHIIIII!!!” It’s way more fun when he’s sleeping.

Piper is very much a daddy’s girl and wants nothing to do with me as soon as he walks in the door. Calder is a GREAT dad and usually takes Piper duty all evening.


We put a little kiddie pool on our patio so we’ve been playing out there a ton lately. We also go to the park and swimming a lot.


Piper sleeps in a toddler bed now. Bedtime has been a struggle lately – one of us will lay down with her until she won’t lay down anymore, then we leave. We put a gate in her doorway and she’ll scream for about 10 minutes before we go back in with her. She’ll usually lay in bed with us the second time but it can still be a long time before she goes to sleep. I use the same strategy for nap time (or try to time errands right before naptime so she sleeps in the car) but it only works half the time.


Piper LOVES cartoons. Her favorites are Curious George, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Dora the Explorer. We were letting her watch a lot of Curious George (with me being pregnant then having a newborn) until we noticed that she was making monkey noises instead of talking. Oops… parenting fail Sad smile She also likes the Winnie the Pooh.

When she wants to watch TV she’ll find a remote and hand it to you (ok… hit you with it) until you turn it on. She never gives up.

She’s not scared of anything.